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If you have your domain name hosted with us we can set up your e-mail forwarding. This allows any mail coming in to anyone@yoursite.com to be sent on to your own local e-mail address to be read on a single computer or distributed across the network. This is set up as a 'catchall' account where all the mail is forwarded to one address.

We can also set up the forwarding so that mail can be sent on to different e-mail addresses according to the recipient, so mail to fred@yourdomain.com is sent to fred27@aol.com and mail to lizzie@yoursite.com is sent to lizzie@ukonline.co.uk. A 'catchall' account can still be set up so that all the remaining mail goes to one default e-mail address or, to cut back on unsolicited spam, can be deleted.

Automated virus removal is implemented on the mail server to greatly reduce the chance of receiving a virus.

Call 01945 701174 for more information.
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