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To find information on the Internet it is usual to go to a 'Search Engine' site. Search Engines are vast databases of words and phrases from sites on the Internet which visitors can use to find specific information. It is necessary, in most cases, to register with the Search Engines so that they can get the necessary information from your site to enter into the database. It is important to register to gain maximum coverage and hence get good visibility.

Once your web site has been completed, but before submitting the site to a search engines, the pages are optimised so that the information is in the correct format for the Search Engines so that the site stands a better chance of appearing high in the results list when potential visitors are looking for your site. Free registration is still available with most search engines although the registration process can take from 2 to 8 weeks - if you are accepted at all. Paid for registration is also available and there are many different ways to pay for guaranteed registration and good ranking. The search engines usually return to scan the site for relevant information and store this so that it is available for potential visitors.

We can also create an XML site map which Google, Yahoo and other search engines use to crawl the pages on your site.

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We can also suggest other methods of improving your site visibility..
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