We Do Not Send Spam Established 1996
Someone has been sending spam e-mails using our domain name as the return address. These will appear to have come from someone at the following:-


and they are usually addressed from something like 'asdefg@designsite.co.uk'

These deceptive emails are called "Spoof Emails" because they use the address of a legitimate domain name to commit identity theft so that ISPs don't reject the mail as being from a fake address. They are generally sent out from multiple sources (often hijacked home PCs) and are difficult to trace as they usually contain no contact information. It is also quite common to put a random combination of letters in front of a legitimate domain name - a sign of Spam.

We have
NOT sent these e-mails (neither have these e-mail gone through our server) as we only send e-mails to current clients or contacts with their permission.

NEVER send unsolicited e-mails and we NEVER will.
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