Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy Established 1996
1. Introduction

The purpose of this privacy policy is to show how Design Site collects, protects and uses data it acquires. We are committed to ensuring that any data supplied by our customers or otherwise generated by our business activities is collected and processed fairly and lawfully. We do not sell or give away any data under any circumstances.

2. How does Design Site acquire data?

• Personal information

If you send us an e-mail then we keep your e-mail address so we can reply to you. You may send us information relating to your business, you may give us instructions via telephone, fax or e-mail or we may receive information from potential clients via telephone, fax, e-mail or our online form.

• Site traffic statistical data.
Every time someone views a web page, we store information in the web server logs. This information includes their IP address (the Internet number which their machine uses when it is connected to the Internet) the pages they tried to access and the browser and operating system they used to view the pages.

3. What does Design Site do with acquired data?

• Personal Information

We only use personal information where necessary as in Invoicing and communication with the client. No information is ever sold or given away under any circumstances. When we store information about clients and potential clients it is only name, address, e-mail and website information. We do not use your personal data in such a way as to breach the Data Protection Act or any other relevant UK legislation.

• Site traffic statistical data.
We use the data from the site logs on a purely statistical basis to build up a picture of how users access the site, which pages and graphics they view, where they came from and which search words they used to find the site. This helps us determine what exposure the site is getting and which pages are more popular. This sort of data is routinely used by web site owners and is not referenced to an identifiable individual.

• Cookies.
A cookie is a piece of textual information that a website writes into a text file stored on the users computer. Only the site that saved the cookie can access it again. It is not a program and cannot cause any harm. We do not use cookies at all on our website.

4. How does Design Site protect the data it holds?
We takes customer confidentiality and data security very seriously. All data is stored securely using password protection and encryption to prevent unauthorised access.

5. Your Details
If you have any questions about this data protection and privacy policy or the use of your personal information or if you wish to have your information removed you can e-mail us by filling in the e-form on the contact us page.
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