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A web site is a single page or, more usually, a group of pages which have links on them to make navigation around the site easier. When you go to a web site the browser downloads the web page from the server, which is a computer on the Internet which hosts (stores) all the pages of the web site. When the user clicks on a link the browser downloads and displays the new page.

A web site can be a form of advertising used to promote a business and enhance it's image. It is also able to offer products and/or services (and receive orders for them), provide customer support with technical information either on-line or via a document download facility and conduct on-line visitor surveys.

If your site is visible on the search engines then potential customers will be able to find you more easily and, potentially, improve your business. A web site is ultimately a communications tool capable of reaching visitors from all around the world. Your site will help you communicate with your customers, both present and future, and help your customers communicate with you.
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